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Maternity Prenatal Pregnancy Photoshoot - Indonesian Mum to be Sandra

So blessed and honoured to do Sandra's hair and makeup again ^^

Last time was her wedding early last year: 

Though this time is for her maternity/pregnancy photoshoot~~~

Beautiful photos by Julie Tirta

Love this image of Sandra with her beautiful smile~she is glowing~~~

These photos are taken last weekend at Easter Friday~~~
only 2 weeks before baby is due~~
Yet Sandra's belly is not big at all~ because she is a yoga and pilates instructor and that has kept her really fit before and during her pregnancy...

I really really love this image of Sandra~~~soooo beautiful and graceful~~~~~

ahahah...obviously Sandra and Neil is expecting a boy named 'Luke'~

When i saw the previous photo, i was wondering where did they get so much feathers~~~
well here's the answer :p 
Pillow fight~~