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The Perfect Bridal Shoes - Christian Louboutin Bridal Heels!!!

Christian Louboutin

Wow, what can I say about this!

I have actually come across this brand and heels when I was doing hair and makeup for a pre wedding photo shoot in Perth Australia.

The bride was wearing this aboslutely beautiful stunning heels from Christian Louboutin for her photo shoot bought from Paris. I then fall in love with them! :D

 This photo was taken by Kelvin Koh from Lighted Pixels Photography in Singapore (http://www.lightedpixels.com/) for the bride!

How can you not fall in love with these heels?!

Plus the bride was hopping around and running in these heels for the photo shoot and yet she said they are EXTREMELY comfortable to wear!!!

Christian Louboutin is well known for their craftmanship and attention to details! And their REDDDDDD soles ofcourse!

All shoes are hand made in Italy with high quality fabric, material or leather!

Their offical web site is http://www.christianlouboutin.com/

and has an online store for their shoes and handbags at:

and the bridal section:

This is another pair that I love!! However is no longer available from the site where I got the photo from :(

However, there are more pumps, heels and boots and hand bags to chose from, and I assure you will LOOOVE them if you love fashion!!!


Wow, just found this pair in a different colour from the official online store for those special ocassions, selling at US$2,445!!!

I couldn't download the photo but here's the link for you girls:

Also here's some other web sites for Christian Louboutin shoes:


Here's a few more photos of some beautiful Christian Louboutin Bridal Shoes captures on real weddings:

So what do you think girls?

Want to have a pair to complete your dream wedding? or make it perfect??

Don't blame me if you found yourself falling in love with these Christian Louboutin heels hahaha :)

It is almost a girl's dream to have a pair isn't it?!

Download them, print them out and stick/pin to your dream board and set your goals, you may just get that pair one day!!!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and this is inspiring for some!!!



A girl can't live without Louboutins!! Great article thanks for sharing.