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Brisbane Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup 新娘化妝造型 - Asian Bride Tina

Thank you for all my followers who keep asking me to upload more posts!

Trying to upload some of the weddings that I did earlier this year!!

Been so busy with so many things and travelling a bit! ^^
Thank you for the patience guys and girls!

This is Brisbane Asian bride Tina and Malaysian Groom Jordan's wedding

I actually did Tina's sister's wedding a few years back!!
And Tina was only attending her sisnter's wedding at that time but then she fell in love with Australia and decided to come here to study.

Then she not only fall in love with Brisbane, but also fell in love with Jordan and got married this year!!
This is LOVE and its meant to happen! ^^

Here's some beautiful images taken and provided from photographer Greg Khouw

More of his work can be viewed at http://www.gregkhouw.blogspot.com

I just love the softness and colours in his photos!

Love this images of Tina ^^ So pretty!!

Thank you Tina and Jordan for a wonderful wedding ^^