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Silver Award - International Online Makeup Competition Asian Style Pin Up Babe

Been busy as always! But i have to share this good news with all of you!

I am so honoured to be award 2nd place in this global international online makeup competition!!!
Out of lots of makeup artists from all over the world,
my work came 2nd in the competition.
Its the Silver Award!!
So super happy!

The theme given was Pin Up Babe!
Which is really in fashion at the moment!

So my idea was the Chinese Style Asian Version - Pin Up Babe!
My model was Amy Chen (yes Amy as well)

We had finger waves for her hair
and Chinese dress as the outfit!
And ofcourse the red lips!
The very Shanghai look back those days!

Here I was focusing on the work!

I am always a fan of black and white photos!!!

Filming the process!

Ready for the photoshoot!

Close up shoots!

Model Amy Chen and Photographer Frank Lin from Huego Studio
Thank you so much Frank and Amy for the great work
Could not have done it without you guys!!

Two Amy!!! ^^

 Some other photos we took!

I actually like this photo but couldn't use it for the competition purpose!
The lighting was great and set the mood right! and it was actually a test shoot that's why Amy was wearing the jacket!