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Sunshine Coast Wedding Secret on the Lakes - 新娘秘書化妝服務 Chinese Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Vanessa

Been so behind with updating my blog as we had been crazily busy!
Was also preparing for the international makeup competition these days too!
Please vote for me ^^:

Anyway, here's the update!

This is the first time I have been to Montville Sunshine Coast!!

It is such a lovely place at 'Secret on the Lakes'

Yes as its name says, it is a real secret place as we got a bit lost finding our way there ha!

ChiChi and myself drove 2 hours up north to the location!

Since Vanessa was holding her wedding at such a secret place, 
she wanted a team of mobile hair and makeup stylists who are specialise in Asian hair and makeup to cater the bridal party.

Vanessa was introduced to us by Karen who had her wedding hair and makeup done by us.
Who had also introduced Mina and Koji to us as well!

Thanks dear Karen ^^

Vanessa has very thin shoulder length hair but wanted an up style for her wedding.
Therefore, hair extension was used and applied on her hair to give her a more volume look.

She was very happy with the results.

Getting ready to add the extention!

In the process....

Chichi styling Vanessa's mum's hair and makeup!

Vanessa's Bridesmaid styling by ChiChi

Making of Vanessa! ^^

 Here is ChiChi doing the final touch ups!

Love the hair style ^^ Really suited her.

Vanessa in her wedding gown ready to go!

The beautiful but very secret lake ^^

A very small but sweet wedding ceremony!

Beautiful Couple!

Beautiful and elegant Vanessa!

 Here is Karen with Vanessa! Thx once again! ^^

Although it was an early start driving up to Sunshine Coast,
but we had heaps of fun and enjoyed it very much ^^


Sexyhair said…
Wow she's so beautiful! You are a great stylist! Great work!