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Brisbane Gold Coast Asian Makeup and Hair 新娘化妝造型 - Pre Wedding Photoshoot

What a busy weekend I had~~

Started with a pre wedding photo shoot where the couple and the photographer - Alwin Lim traveled from Singapore to Brisbane for a 3 day shoot.

Day 1 (Thursday) was a relaxed day, started causal bridal hair and makeup in our salon at 12noon.

Met Ruth the Bride to be, who is a very petite bride with petite features and face. Cute ^^

2pm Personal Makeup Workshop/Tutorial for Itoo San (Japanese Client) in Salon

(Please email me if you are interested in one on one personal makeup lesson or group lesson)

Day 2 (Friday) was the begining of the busy weekend started 4am bridal hair and makeup where the pre wedding photoshoot started at 6am at UQ to catch the beautiful sun rise.

9am appointment and then back to salon for touch up and change of style at 12:30 where it started to rain!

On the same night, we went out to do promotions as we are the sponsor the "Memory International Dance Party" so I didn't get home to sleep until 2am!!

Day 3 (Sat) Got up at 5am!!!! (with 3 hours sleep!!!) For a 6am start Vietnamese bridal hair and makeup!

9am Bridal hair and makeup trial at the Salon.

12:30pm Bridal hair and makeup at Salon

1:30pm Ruth came back again wanting me to do hair and makeup (not scheduled) because she loves my work! Such a sweet girl! So I cannot refuse!

3pm Formal Hair and Makeup x 2~

So finished at 6pm and basically went home and straight to bed as I was way too tired!

Day 4 (Sunday) Got up at 5am again for a 6am strat for bridal hair and makeup~~

What a packed weekend!

Lucky the bridal hair and makeup trial was rescheduled to Monday otherwise I will be exhausted!!

However, I am definitely loving it loving it with my full passion~~

When I receive comments like this:

Ruth Boey: hey babe!
just wanted to thank u so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to accomodate our changes of plan and last minute requests!! how did your 2 formal girls go btw - hope u weren't TOO late! i LOVE LOVE your makeup style - inspires me to be a bit more careful with my appearance! have made an appointment for the eyebrow thingy in sgp already haha ...is Hiro on fb?? cannot find him. really appreciate his awesome hair styling skills too - wish i had the $$ and time to go to you guys everyday, hehe... keep in touch and see you next year when i come back! xx

Receiving messages and comments from clients just melt my heart and made me wanting to go further!!!

Oh, just one more thing to say, I have found out that someone on this planet is copying things that I write on my blog and ads!!! Its soooo cool~~~

Let me guess what is next? Similar blog post with similar titles too~? ^_^

However, it only means that I am doing it good and well so that people want to copy and follow me~ ahhaah  ^^

But I highly value the meaning of creativity, originality and most importantly people's intellectual property.

Here is a pre view of an amazing photo taken by Alwin Lim~

This is what I call professional~

More Photos will be up soon~



Ruth Boey said…
hi amy! i'm thrilled and honored to be featured here. was reading this post on your schedule ...am truly amazed at how u managed to get through the appointments and remain so cheerful those few days!

anyway even though u may have thought the last unscheduled one was a rushed job (to me it looked good though!), it made alot of difference to me - especially since i came all the way from Singapore just to shoot.

keep updating your blog, gal! and you're absolutely right - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery~ hope that incident doesn't get you down!