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Brisbane Asian Makeup and Hair 新娘化妝造型 - Chinese Bride Serena

Something to share!

I have done Japanese bride Yukari's bridal makeup back in 2008 and met her family (in laws) back then, here is the link:

This time, I happen to see the family again!!

The bride is actually marrying from Yukari's husband's family home! 

The groom and bride were so excited when they book me and i was available!!

And one more interesting thing, 

Bride Serena was actually using the same tiara that Yukari used!!!

 Here comes the photos:

This is Serena the bride before make over!
As she has a rounded face, therefore a bit of shading and contouring was required. Also reshaping her brows made a bit difference.

Since Serena and Ken (the groom) is holding the proper wedding in Taiwan, therefore, she has requested an up style without veil as part of their tradition.

 Serena was so happy and excited when the groom was outside the door saying something really sweet to her!!!

Through the door game, the groom even wrote up a poem for Serena! It was really sweet as you can see the smile on Serena's face!

 The groom was finally allowed to enter the brides' room but was looking for Serena's bridal shoe (part of the door game). He is the busy one at the back while Serena was happily posing for me! ha ^^

 Here's the groom with only one bridal shoe in his hand, he needs to find the pair to lead the bride out from the room!!! And he couldn't find it as the other one was hidden in one of the bride's maid's handbag!! So funny  LOL ^^

Finally out the door and waiting to get on the the stretched Bently!
 Here it is!

What a fun day I had! Just love my job!!! And love sharing with you all too ^^

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No photo editing involved!


alen mcmilan said…
Wow Its a really hair style for wedding , I am also hair style designer, I really impress to seen her hair style. so thanks for sharing.
wedding hair make up