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Brisbane Asian Bridal Makeup and Hair 新娘秘書化妝造型 - Japanese Bride Megumi

Beautiful & Cheerful Japanese Bride Megumi san...

Met Megumi about two months before her wedding in my salon

She flew all the way from Tokyo to Australia for only a few days
because she wanted a trial with me.

As she was looking for an Asian hair and makeup artist in Australia and found me on the internet.

It was so lovely to meet her the very first time ^^

She wanted the princess look (Audrey Hurben look)
to match her wedding gown and cystal tiara

So this is what we have created.

Love her wedding gown~

Megumi with her stunning designer wedding gown

Professional Dancer Sister (From Japan)

Sisiter in law

Best friend (flew from Shanghai)
Best Friend (flew from Japan)
Megumi is now living and working in Hong Kong after her wedding here in Australia

All the very best Megumi for your new journey and life in Hong Kong

I am sure you will love it and we shall catch up when I go back ^^

Photos provided by Megumi

Photos by Greg Gardner