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Brisbane Asian Bridal Makeup and Hair 新娘秘書化妝造型 - Chinese Bride Fi

Beautiful Fiona

Met her through my good old clients

It is always great to see clients introducing their friends to me

That means that they like my services!!!

And small Brisbane, I actually happens to know her Uncle too ^^

Fi's parents are both looking stunning on the day too!

All these beautiful photos were taken and supplied by Steven Tran and Dan Au.

Met them at another wedding prior to Fi's and on more after Fi's too~

They seems to be following me around!

Just kidding! ^^

Fiona's Sister Helen is one fun lady~~

These two sister share a beautiful relationship!

We all loved the photo above as it is such a nice photo capturing the love between them~

Thanks Fi and letting me being your hair and makeup stylist~

Congratulations once again on your big day!

Below are the photos taken by Dan:

Change into Evening Style 1
Change into Evening Style 2