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Brisbane Asian Makeup 新娘秘書化妝造型 - Bride from Hong Kong

How sexy is this photo~

Did the trial for Lindy in July last year:
Here is the link


Did Lindy's wedding back on the 31st of Oct 2009.

I thought I lost my photos becuase one of my SD card is dead! :(

Then all the sudden I found these photos amongst some of my other daily photos while I was backing up the files~

How lucky!!! I did saved them~~~~

Because Lindy is such a sunny bride~~

Who always has great smiles ^^

Knew Lindy because of Kathy the bride's maid (on the right)...

whom is a friend of Tweety another bride that I did makeup for....

She strongly recommeded me to Lindy as Tweety was really happy with my service.

Well I am sure Lindy is another very happy bride~

Here are some photos that I took on the day~

Enjoy! ^^

Photos taken by Amy Chan
All rights reserved by Particulart
No Photo Editing involved!


Like the make up and the mauve gown...very different from the usually seen gowns and makes you look very sexy and gorgeous.