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Brisbane Asian Makeup 新娘秘書化妝造型 - Asian Bride CC from Taiwan

First of all, we are wishing everyone a merry x'mas and a happy new year~

Its time for us to update our blog~

I did this beautiful asian bride from Taiwan back in Nov

Her name is CC

And i only found out that she is a news reporter in Taiwan

How cool~

This is a picture of her in action~


She did lots of researches for makeup artist before she came to Brisbane

And after many email communications and seeing our work

she had finally chosen me to be her makeup artist for her wedding in Brisbane.

As many of her friends had bad experience with makeup artist in overseas especially when they can't do Asian makeup the way they like

So she chose very very carefully

I must say we are very hounored to be selected, thanks CC!

Beautiful couple Chris and CC~

She was a very happy and beautiful bride and a satisfied customer!!!

CC had received lots of comments on how beautiful she looked on her wedding and that being particular on the selecting the makeup artist was definately worth the while...

She wrote me an email after her wedding:

hi!! Amy


非常的滿意 而且又好精緻

我的台灣同事看到每一個都說好漂亮歐 謝謝你ㄟ 我已經把你的資料給他門 哈!

他門看到在外國人化妝之後 簡直 "結婚照不能外流"



Thanks CC & Chris