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Hair & Makeup for Short Film - Lola The Magnificent

Had been quite busy last week as I was so hounered to help out for hair and makeup on a film set

"Lola The Magnificent"

It was such a pleasaure to work with the Main Actresses - Anastasia Surrey
and Flloyd Kennedy

Anastasia is such a gorgoeous little girl with a super personality and has plenty of acting experiences at her young age.

Here is her Show Reel on YouTube:

And ofcos Flloyd, what more can I say about her portfolio...she even made us some very nice cupcakes for the crew ^_^ As seen in the link:


These are some photos taken by Anatasia's Mum on the set:

Day one: here I was....doing her hair:

Day Three: Doing her makeup

Day Three: Makeup for Flloyd (next to Anastasia) - Victorian Style

As it remains the copyright of the film so I am not able to put up more photos of the scenes for the makeup that I did...
but there are more photos on Anastasia's Mum's facebook link:


After all, thank you so much for the crew for having me and big thank you for Vena...you are truely a super star....


alexis said…
Thank you so much for the kind words you have written, about my daughter Anastasia.
Anastasia hopes to work with you again someday soon.

Amy is a fantasic & caring makeup artist.

I highly recommend Amy as a member of crew for any film or tv work etc.

Amy puts 120% into her work,giving the look that is needed for the set.
trone said…
Ur make up on those fairies ^^
alexis surrey said…
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alexis surrey said…
I now have Anastasia's resume' open to all to view online now just follow the link http://www.starnow.com.au/AnastasiaSurrey