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Brisbane Asian Makeup - Taiwanese Engagement Yvonne

What a beautiful Day for Beautiful Yvonne's Engagement!

So glad to meet you again Frank, the photographer for these beautiful photos~~~

These is what we call "Professional"

as I took some pictures too but they are no way near as good as his

Photos by Frank Lin from Hugo Studio


I have met Frank back in 2007 for another client of ours - Alice

And we now even share some common interests too~~

We are both not eating most meats and become partly vegetarian...at the stage still eating some seafood...

Thank you once again for trusting me and letting me to have the opportunity to be the host of your event the other day. I have learnt so much.

For more Yvonne's photos by Frank please click below link:


As you can see these photos below were taken by me....

but how come the same subject persion, same pose but totally different results?????

The person holding the camera is Frank

Check out his equipments~~~~

Look how elegant Yvonne is...

What a lady....

Look at her sitting position and how she puts her legs....

I just dont see myself being so lady like her... ^^

Congratulations to Charles and Yvoone on your engagement.

Looking forward to seeing you again on you wedding day!