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Brisbane Asian Makeup - Taiwanese bride Anna from Adelaide 16th Sep 08

Beautiful Anna comes from Adelaide.
We were introdcued to her by her friends in Brisbane.
Makeup by: Amy Chan

This is Anna's Sister In Law, came all the way from Hong Kong to be her Brides' maid.
This is just beautiful!
My photo taking skills are getting better and better!
May be I can become a professional photographer soon!!! ^_^

These two sister in laws are so close together!!

What a capture!

Anna's handsome Dad!

Anna's parents flew from Taiwan and came just for a few days for Anna's wedding!

Making her day very special!

Another beautiful one of Anna!

Just love her smile!

Here we go! The happy married couple cutting the cake!

Change of gown!

We stayed until changed of her makeup and hair!

What a beautiful couple!