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全球華人新秀歌唱大賽2008 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship 23rd August 2008

We were proud to be the sponsor for 2008 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship - Brisbane Region that took place on the 23rd August 2008
Although it was a very busy day started with 2 weddings till late night, we had heaps of fun and certainly enjoy what we do!!!

We had so much fun that night~
This is the backstage with 10 of the top 19.

Beautiful Fiona~

Hilaria and King~

King and I~ ha ha

Pretty Nancy, she infact is a primary school teacher~~~

Unfortunately she was sick that night but I am she sure she did her very best~

I rushed to the stage and manage to take a few photos with the winners~
This is Champion Zhao Tian
Wow, he sure has a great voice and he is flying to HK in mid Oct representing Brisbane for the International Chinese New Talent Singing Champions that is organised by TVB HK. Wishing him all the best~

This is Hilaria, the first runner up~
She studies classical music for many years and this is her very first singing contest and well done~ She plays really good piano~i wish i can be half as good as her~

Oh by the way, our team did both her hair and makeup~ ^^ Isn't she beautiful?

This is Julia the 2nd runner up.

She has a very unique and powerful voice~
She is now also a DJ at Var Radio AM1656

Eric on the left won two prizes~~
1. Audiences Voted - Most Favorite
2. Best Overall Style

Ken on the right, is the naughty one that keeps everyone laughing at the back stage~
But he sings really really well, although he didn't win any prize,
but wish him all the best to his future.