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Melbourne International Beauty Expo Day 2 - 13th April 2008

This is the second day of the Beauty Expo Melbourne 2008
Following with 2 makeup events of the day:
1) Bridal Makeup Competition
2) High Fashion Makeup Competiton
Here are some high lights~

Makeup artists are waiting for the announce of the winners!

This lady is the runner up!

Here we've got the winner~
The look that she has created was so flawless & beautiful~
Matching with the hair and dress, it is truely lovely!

These are some other looks that has been created!
All of them were great~~
But unfortunately there can only be 2 prizes

Following are the highlights of the high fashion look comepition~

This is a punk look that had received lots of praises....
but this is not the winner~~

This makeup artist was the winner in the Bridal category,
and she was the runner up in the high fashion category~
Congratulations & Well done!

This is the winner of the high fashion category with the Leopard look!!

These are the closer look~~~ How amazing~~~

These are what I bought from Atelier at the Expo, their professional range of makeup products are fantastic~and what's more!

There were show discounts too!!!

For more information, please visit:

This year's Beauty Expo 2008 surely was full on for me!
I will be definately attending Sydney's Beauty Expo in Aug 2008!!
See you SYDNEY!



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