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Bridal Makup Tips Part One:

Every lady has their own “Wedding Dream”, be it a simple one or a big one like a Greek Wedding, there is always this “Wedding Dream” that girls often talk about.

Being the center of attention all day long, all brides WANT to and MUST look their best on the big day from head to toe. As they spend months (or even years) of planning for the wedding, from selecting the dates, the venue, invitations design, dresses, accessories, photographer, cameraman etc, just to make sure everything is perfect. But nothing can be worse than not having your hair and makeup done professionally.
4 Reasons for hiring hair & makeup artist for your wedding day:
  1. As a bride, you will be handling lots of stress and last minutes changes on the day. Your professional hair stylist & makeup artist will be there to assist thus reduces your stress.
  2. Professional products are applied to ensure perfect results and long lasting glamour.
  3. They provide profesional advise and opinions and know what will suit you the best.
  4. If adjustments are needed, they will be able to handle.

Therefore, for all of the above reasons, we would say 'Leave it to the professionals'~