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Bridal Makeup Tips Part Two~

Let us give you some beauty & makeup tips for achieving the PERFECT look on your wedding day~

Before the Wedding:


  • Facial - I know all of you have a busy schedule, but nothing is more important than to pamper yourself and relax. Start to make a facial booking now!! It should be done at least once every fortnight until one week before your wedding. This is to ensure your skin is being looked after and set ready for the big day ahead. Alternatively, at least have some facial masks done by yourself as follows:
    i. For oily / combination skin type: deep cleansing mask once a week followed by moisturizing pack
    ii. For normal skin type: moisturizing mask once a week

  • Skin Products - Consult a beauty professional and start using skin care products TODAY~
    i. Eye Cream – Very important! You may be in your early 20’s, but it is never too early to start using eye cream. As skin around your eyes are very dedicated and sensitiv, and on top of that, concealer and foundation will make any facial lines appear more obvious. Therefore keep them moisturized and norished is the golden rule. Otherwise, foundation wont set as perfect as they should be on the day and may have “cracking” lines appear.
    ii. Sun Protection - STAY AWAY FROM THE SUN!!!! We cannot emphasis enough the damage of the sun that can be done to our skin. Just imagine you are wearing the most beautiful strapless wedding gown of your dream! BUT nothing is worse than looking red on your face and showing uneven skin tone on your arms! Make it a habit to use sun protection products on your face and body as a general daily rule

  • Use body scrub once a week during shower to remove and dead skin cells
  • Or visit your beauty salons and pamper yourself for a full body treatment
  • Do some regular exercises or join a GYM / Health Club to tone up your body shape

  • Generally when you go to visit any beauty salons, brows shaping is part of the service with the facials. Please make sure your brows are kept neat and tidy. PLUG or WAX your brows 5-7 days before the wedding to avoid red rashes.


  • Make a booking for your hair and makeup trial at least few months before your wedding day, so that you have plenty of time to shop around and compare if you are not totally satisfied.

  • Drinks plenty of water and have a healthy diet
  • Do some simple and regular exercise every week eg. walking, jogging, running or swimming, but remember not to over exercise!!
  • Sleeps Early~~ Make sure you have 8 hours sleep per day and go to bed no later than mid night, this helps to reduces the chance of dark eye circles and eye bags appearing.

In our bridal makeup tips Part Three, we will tell you what to prepare prior to your wedding day and on your actual big day.
To Be Continued....